At Fall Farm, the friendly, open kitchen invites guests to come in and be a part of breakfast as well as enjoy the fruits of it! There’s no getting around the aromas that drift throughout the house and into your room, enticing you to the dining room.

A country-gourmet breakfast is offered from the kitchen beginning at 8:30 a.m. every day. Coffee, juice and nibbles are available for early risers. Gather at the grand harvest table in the dining room to “eat and greet”, or arrange for a room tray and have a quiet breakfast for two.

Carol Fall takes great care in creating a breakfast menu for each day, considering whether all adults or some children as well, all couples or special groups. Also any dietary restrictions or requests given in advance are welcome, including Vegan and Vegetarian, as well as gluten and dairy free. Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs and even surprise your taste buds in the process!

Fresh, seasonal fruits are always on the menu, either as a starter or creatively included in the main course. Other starter ideas include yogurt parfaits with Fall Farm’s signature granola, or a salad of baby spinach and arugula topped with seasonal fruit, toasted nuts and homemade honey orange dressing. Not your ordinary start to the day – but that’s the idea!

Savory main course offerings include Fall Farm’s Holiday Egg soufflé, or hash brown waffles with roasted cherry tomatoes and chorizo, ham, and black bean sauce. Carol served B&B quiche to her very first guests, and it is still a guest favorite today! Sweet plates include Belgium waffles with glorious fresh fruit and spiced bacon, or sweet potato pancakes with hot curried fruit topping and homemade sausage rings.

Homemade buttermilk biscuits, mouth-watering scones such as chocolate chip, pumpkin/coffee, or orange dreamsicle, or roasted grape bruschetta are just a few of the bread offerings. Morning Glory muffins are Fall Farm’s signature muffin and not to be missed!

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