Canton First Monday Trade Days East Gate
Author: Carol Fall

Author: Carol Fall

I own Fall Farm Country Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in East Texas. I love sharing my recommendations to exploring this wonderful area!

Know Before You Go: Canton First Monday Trade Days

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    The popular flea market in Canton — officially First Monday Trade Days and also known as Canton Trade Days — has been a huge part of Canton Texas culture since the 1850s.

    Canton First Monday Trade Days originated on the first Monday of each month when a circuit judge would visit Canton Texas. Watching court proceedings (and the occasional hanging) became a reason for people to gather. The more that people gathered, the more that they bought, sold, and traded goods, livestock, and produce.

    Today, the Canton First Monday experience consists of a 700,000-square-foot marketplace and more than 5,000 vendors. It draws in thousands of attendees each month. In fact, it’s touted as the largest flea market in the world!

    Canton First Monday Trade Days - Canton, Texas
    Canton First Monday Trade Days | photo via Michael Barera

    All About Canton First Monday Trade Days

    You’ll probably find whatever your heart desires at this outdoor flea market in East Texas — there are so many outdoor vendors selling not only goods but also food! It’s a fantastic destination for foodies. But before we get into that, let’s talk a bit more about the shopping experience because yes, it’s an experience!

    With so much online shopping, it’s refreshing — and maybe even a bit nostalgic — to explore a marketplace, relax, slow down, take time browsing through items, and connect with a community.

    In fact, it’s such a popular destination that many come to visit from other parts of Texas and from out-of-state. You can fly into Canton Hackney Airport and even arrange with Canton First Monday Trade Days for transport to the market by calling 903-567-6556.

    The Wares

    Canton Trade Days is well known for its fantastic, enormous selection of arts and crafts, antiques and collectibles, furniture and home decor, vintage clothing, and jewelry. You can find an abundance of country chic and rustic home decor, cowhide rugs, custom signs, paintings by local artists, handcrafted goods, work from Canton Texas artisans, books, and so much more.

    The Food

    Foodies can delight in fresh fish and crawdads, carnival fare, burgers, tacos, barbecue, deep-fried chicken and deep-fried desserts, mini doughnuts, Italian ice, rolled ice cream, and local fruits and vegetables — to name a few.

    Seasonal Shopping

    Plus, the Canton flea market is open year-round regardless of the weather. Shopping at the market around holidays is always fun, as many vendors offer seasonal items. Christmastime is a lovely time of year to shop because you can find great deals and unique finds while getting into the Christmas spirit.

    Don’t take our word for it — Shop, dine, thrift, rummage, and explore First Monday Trade Days yourself to experience this famous Canton Texas locale firsthand.

    Canton First Monday Trade Days - Canton, Texas
    Canton First Monday Trade Days | photo via @excuse_me_dallas

    Getting Around the Canton Texas Flea Market

    The Canton First Monday Trade Days grounds are divided into four sections:

    • Famous Fields is for lovers of vintage clothing, furniture, home decor, tools, and handmade goods.
    • Trade Centers is a covered shopping area with a great selection of food, decor, clothing, and more.
    • Original 6 is the birthplace of First Monday Trade Days and consists of dining options, an event center, and the historic downtown area.
    • Antique Alley (including the Civic Center) is chock full of fabulous antiques and collectibles, like mirrors, brass candle holders, woven baskets, chairs and sofas, and more.

    You can find a walking and parking map of the entire market on the Canton Trade Days website.

    Canton First Monday Trade Days - Canton, Texas
    Canton First Monday Trade Days | photo via @excuse_me_dallas

    Vendors to Visit at Canton First Monday Trade Days

    Here are just a few great Canton First Monday Trade Days businesses that you have to visit when you go:

    • Try the delicious shrimp boil at Benito’s Catfish.
    • Indulge with a Belly Busta Sandwich (pulled pork, burnt ends, smoked sausage) at Moma T’s BBQ.
    • Visit the contemporary women’s boutique Sage in Bloom to find a fashionable blend of both modern and vintage styles.
    • Twigs Home and Lighting has fabulous home decor items, such as farmhouse-style lighting, flameless candles, lanterns, floral decorations, and more.
    Canton First Monday Trade Days - Canton, Texas
    Canton First Monday Trade Days | photo via @jbean03

    Things to Know Before Visiting Canton Trade Days

    We’ve compiled a list of important tips and info to keep in mind, especially if you’re new to the Canton First Monday experience.

    If you visit Canton Trade Days on the first day or two of the market, it’ll be less crowded.

    If you wait until the end of the market, it’ll be crowded, but prices may be lower and vendors might be willing to barter more. Something to consider!

    If you plan on bartering, remember that cash is king.

    Even if you’re only planning to buy a couple of items — trust us — you’re going to buy more and will need a cart. You’ll regret it if you don’t bring a wagon or small pull cart with you to stow your purchases.

    If you’re planning to buy furniture or other extra large items, you can ask the dealer for a pass to use your vehicle to pick up the items on site.

    If you’re attending the Canton Flea Market with family or friends, have a planned meeting place. On very busy days, cellphone reception can be nonexistent.

    Canton First Monday Trade Days offices will only page in emergency situations or if a child is lost.

    Wear weather-appropriate clothing, comfortable shoes for walking, and lots of sunscreen!

    Canton First Monday Trade Days - Canton, Texas
    Canton First Monday Trade Days | photo via @ajboutiqueest2019

    Canton Trade Days Calendar 2024

    Canton First Monday Trade Days are held every month on the weekend leading up to the first Monday, from Thursday through Sunday. Here are the First Monday Trade Days for 2024.

    • Feb. 1-4, 2024
    • Feb. 29-March 3, 2024
    • March 28-31, 2024
    • May 2-5, 2024
    • May 30, June 2, 2024
    • June 27-30, 2024
    • Aug. 1-4, 2024
    • Aug. 29-Sept. 1, 2024
    • Oct. 3-6, 2024
    • Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2024
    • Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 2024

    More Things to Do in Canton Texas

    Although First Monday Trade Days has made Canton Texas famous, there are plenty of other great things to do in town. Make sure you save some time to explore the rest of the city and see what else it has to offer!

    Downtown Canton Shopping

    Aside from searching for treasures, bargain hunting, admiring artwork, and more at First Monday Trade Days, downtown Canton is also home to local businesses that sell antiques, handmade goods, eclectic items, fresh produce, and more.

    Splash Kingdom Paradise Island

    Splash Kingdom Paradise Island is a super-fun way to cool off during the summer. Relax and float along the Lazy River, slide down Volcano Mountain, swim in the Wave Pool, and compete with family or friends on the Mat Racer slide.

    Yesterland Farm

    Open seasonally, Yesterland Farm is fun for the whole family and a great way to get festive. Its fall season includes lots of sunflowers, a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, yummy carnival fare, spooky events around Halloween, and more. The farm also has a Christmas Carnival!

    Canton First Monday Trade Days - Canton, Texas
    Canton First Monday Trade Days | photo via @excuse_me_dallas

    Dining Near First Monday Trade Days

    If you need a great spot to grab some grub outside of First Monday Trade Days, look no further:

    • If you’re in the mood for fried food, head to Feathered Friend. Trust us, you need The O.G. Thicc Chicken Sandwich!
    • If you need a fantastic steak, dine at Easley Steakhouse.
    • For gourmet burgers, eat at JT2 Canton. The beef is pasture-raised and ranch-to-table.
    • Reminisce Antiques and Tea Room is a lovely, quaint, local spot to have tea and/or lunch, check out some antiques, and enjoy the plant nursery. Reservations are required for the Tea Room.
    Canton First Monday Trade Days - Canton, Texas
    Canton First Monday Trade Days | photo via Département des Yvelines

    Where to Stay When Experiencing Canton Trade Days

    One of the best places to stay in East Texas near Canton First Monday Trade Days is Fall Farm Country Inn in Mineola. We provide a premier bed-and-breakfast experience with four individual suites and the Red Oak Cottage, all of which feature lovely visual decor.

    Our guests enjoy a country gourmet breakfast every morning, as well as access to an array of amenities, such as a covered pavilion with swings and a swimming pool with a spa. Best of all, First Monday Trade Days is only a 30-minute drive away.

    Check our availability when you start planning your East Texas getaway!

    Canton First Monday Trade Days - Canton, Texas
    Canton First Monday Trade Days | photo via @oortcloud_9

    FAQs About Canton First Monday Trade Days

    Is Canton First Monday Trade Days held every first Monday?

    No, this is a common misconception. The Canton flea market is actually closed Monday through Wednesday. It’s actually open Thursday through Sunday monthly, leading up to the first Monday of every month.

    The reason it’s called First Monday Trade Days is historical. When it began in the 1850s, people gathered to buy and sell goods and more on the first Monday of each month.

    What are the Canton Trade Days business hours?

    The Canton flea market is open from sunrise until sunset, rain or shine!

    How much is admission to Canton Trade Days?

    Admission is free for all ages to attend First Monday Trade Days in the Original First Monday Park. However, there’s a fee for parking.

    Where is Canton First Monday Trade Days located?

    The address for Canton Trade Days is 800 First Monday Ln, Canton, TX 75103.

    Can I bring a pet with me to Canton Trade Days?

    Friendly, leashed dogs can attend the Canton flea market in the Original First Monday Park.

    Is the Canton flea market wheelchair accessible and stroller friendly?

    Yes! The market has scooters to rent on-site, and handicap parking is available.

    Do vendors accept credit or debit card payments?

    Some First Monday Trade Days vendors do, and there are ATMs on site. However, bringing cash is recommended because the ATMs can run out on busy days. Vendors often appreciate buyers who pay with smaller bills so that it’s easier for them to break change later.

    Flea Market

    Exploring the Canton First Mondays Trade Days Flea Market

    Whether it’s your first time or your 50th visiting the Canton Texas flea market, First Monday Trade Days doesn’t disappoint. Each time you visit, you’ll discover something different — a new heirloom to pass down, a custom pair of rings, the perfect vintage sweater, a barbecue restaurant to take your family to, and the list goes on.

    But, it’s not just the shopping that will draw you back. It’s the people, the energy, the experience. Come for Canton First Monday Trade Days, and you might just fall in love with Canton Texas too!

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