Fall Farm

established in 1945

Fall Farm was built on family land that was bought in 1945 by my paternal grandparents. It was a working farm for many years, growing peanuts, cotton, sweet potatoes, watermelon, and ribbon cane that my great-grandfather made into syrup.  Summers as a child included picnics with Gran at “the farm.” The old outhouse terrified me! Gran planted crepe myrtles that still bloom today, and her spider lilies and daffodils keep coming up every spring!

Years later the old homestead was torn down and the current house was built by my dad, Gary Patrick, a builder by trade, and a very creative man who still puts his mark on Fall Farm’s continued evolution to this day! After meeting my soulmate, Mike Fall, in Dallas, I brought him home to meet the parents. He immediately fell in love with the property - especially the house. Also a builder, Mike saw the incredible potential of a work still in progress.  He also saw us building our new life together in Mineola after fate stepped in with an opportunity to buy the property. I jokingly tell people that Mike married the house and I just came with the deal!

Just as a cobbler’s child has no shoes, this builder’s wife had no kitchen sink!  After three years I finally got my sink! As construction ended and we began decorating our home we started envisioning how wonderful it would be as a bed and breakfast. Looking back, it seems as if we only needed to say “Okay, let’s do it,” and the angels descended upon us to help make it happen.  Add my love for decor and hospitality and the rest is, as they say, history!

Through the years there’s always been an inviting spirit in this home — a spirit of love.  Come, and I’ll share it with you and yours!!

I look forward to your stay!


Immerse yourself in our history during your next stay!